Flavor & Candy Injection

Flavor Burst puts flavor first!

Candy InjectorEach flavor is carefully formulated to provide clean, premium quality with maximum impact and high performance. See the table below for additional technical specifications. Feel free to browse our current flavor line below, but take caution -- we cannot be held responsible for any impulse cravings which may develop! We suggest locating the nearest Flavor Burst vendor so you don't have to worry...

There are a number of different candies that may be utilized by the CC8 CrunchiCreme machines. The candies must be of a particular size and consistency to dispense correctly. Some off-the-shelf products will work fine. Other candies will operate correctly only when chopped down to size.  See our optional Candy Grinder if you wish to grind your own candies. 

In addition to size requirements, some candies also need to remain at a lower temperature in order to retain its consistency. Chocolates are one type of candies that are affected by heat. In a warm environment, it is recommended that the operator use the optional Cooling Hood to keep the candies at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below.