Electric Grill Model QS22

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Cook-to-order menu items are served FAST!! With the
optional platen(s) lowered, the top and bottom of the product
are cooked simultaneously. With the addition of innovative
Auto Lift technology, the platen raises automatically at the
completion of the product cook cycle, assuring product
quality and product safety every time. Foods maintain
natural juiciness, and your customers are served food hot off
the grill, in less than half the time of standard grills.
Even temperatures across the entire cooking surface assures
safe product integrity and fast recovery. Holding cooked food
products for busy times is virtually unnecessary, reducing
product waste. Multiple grills may be installed side-by-side
to increase cooking surface and capacities.

Lower Cooking Surface
Two, 12” (30.5 cm) wide, by 24” (61.0 cm) deep cooking zones with
three independent heating elements per zone. Assures even
temperatures and quick recovery.

Programmable microprocessor controls make menu selection
simple. Includes a self-diagnostic feature for serviceability. Clear
plastic door protects control from splashes or spills. Separate
durable start button is provided to activate cooking cycle.

Temperature Control
Grill surface temperature may be set from 150 to 400ºF (65 to
205ºC). Optional upper platen temperature may be set from 150 to
425ºF (65 to 218ºC).

Indicator Lights
Lights illuminate when heaters are on.

Utility Box
For grill scraper & release sheet wiper.

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  • Electric Grill QS22
  • Electric Grill QS22 Grooved Cook Top

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Profit per item: $0.81
Daily profits: $60.75
Weekly profits: $425.25
Monthly profits: $1,828.58
Yearly profits: $21,942.90

Profit projections are used for illustration purposes only and are not a forecast of future earnings. Many factors affect revenues and profits and TFG LLC makes no warranties as to actual profits purchaser will derive from the use of this equipment.


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