Henny Penny SmartCombi Oven ESC-115/GSC-115

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Henny Penny SmartCombi combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat, either separately or in combination, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods. Four basic cooking modes employ a variety of built-in functions in different ways.  
• Steaming/Moist heat: 86-266°F (30-130°C) Low and high-temperature 
• Convection cooking/Dry heat:  86-572°F (30-300°C) Active humidity reduction 
• Combination/Dry and moist heat: 86-482°F (30-250°C).  Individual or automatic humidity control between 0 and 100% RH. 
• Rethermalizing/Dry and moist heat: 86-356°F (30-180°C)  Special fan speed function and banqueting programs. Henny Penny bridges the gap 
between boiler and boilerless combis with patented Advanced Steam 
Technology.™ This system generates large amounts of steam in the cooking 
cabinet quickly without the deliming and maintenance issues of a boiler.  
Operator can select humidity levels from 0-100% relative humidity. Digital 
humidity control continuously measures and maintains the humidity level in the cabinet by automatically adding steam or venting excess humidity.  The SmartCombi features a wide range of pre-programmed menu selections for fully automatic cooking and can be easily programmed by the user. Units include multi-sensor core temperature probe for automatic probe cooking. USB port is standard. Lengthwise rack available for either crosswise or lengthwise loading of standard steam table pans. 

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  • HP Combi Ovens


  • Henny Penny GSC-115 with stand

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