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The CC8 soft serve system uses a revolutionary process to mix popular candies, nuts and other confections into soft serve as it's dispensed to create CrunchiCreme. The CC8 is compatible with most soft serve freezers and is easy to operate. Simply select the flavors - or flavor combinations - from the electronic keypad and dispense the soft serve.


Instant Delivery System creates 1-step delivery of finished product.

Variable Portioning enables operators to dispense any serving size and frozen yogurt product.

Single-head System attaches to most popular soft serve freezers and accommodates soft serve and frozen yogurt product.

Product Overrun is maintained using a process that does not beat air out of the product, therefore maintaining product overrun and profit margins.

8-Flavor Carousel conveniently supplies up to 8 ingredients within the system.

Integrated Data Entry Panel serves as the primary operating station for selecting ingredients, maintenance functions and system warnings.

Extensive Flavor Selections (sold separately) are available from Flavor Burst Company with brands recognized around the world.

Easy-on Dispensing Modules simplify ingredient installation and chargeover.

Modular Engineering provides quick disassembly & assembly for routine maintenance in only minutes a day and convenient trouble shooting.

Dispensing Agitators & Direct Drive Injector produce efficient, reliable and consistent distribution of ingredients.

Remote Microprocessor provides extensive functionality such as portion control or the ability to combine ingredients within the system.


Dry Food Product
ingredients should be approved by Flavor Burst Company to ensure compatibility and optimum performance.  

Single Electrical Connection is required. Contact your local distributor for additional specifications in accordance with local codes.

Product Documents


  • CC8 - C708
  • CC8

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